About Project Sandkorn

„Project SANDKORN – Youth for Peace“ is a European network of schools and youth groups; in 1999, right after the Balkans war, this project started from school centre (HAK/HAS/HTL) Ybbs on the Danube and is still coordinated by its students and teachers.

SANDKORN is also a registered humanitarian and charitable association which serves as a legal entity for all the activities mentioned.

Being a peace project it promotes amicable ties and understanding of young people all over Europe.

In common projects the young people and their adult attendants are equal, regardless of the political and economic situation in their countries.

Respect for human rights is the main pillar of this project.

Aims, Topics, Activities

  • Promotion of a European consciousness for a common peaceful future
  • Conservation of cultural diversity and regional and traditions as long as they do not contradict human rights
  • Tolerance for different religions and political attitudes
  • Opening and open-mindedness for renewal and mutual enrichment
  • Against xenophobia, anti-Semitism and racism of any kind and for he removal of prejudices
  • Objective occupation with European history -learning from the past and dealing with the positive and negative chapters of history of own and foreign history
  • Protection of minorities to avoid ethnic conflicts
  • Solidarity with unprivileged and help in emergency situations
  • Deliberate integration of non-EU countries and standing up for EU enlargement
  • Support for lifelong learning also benefiting from several EU support programmes
  • Execution of common projects with historical, political, economic, religious, social, cultural content
  • Organisation of regular youth meetings, Making up of media for communication and for promotion of project aims and project contents
  • Integration of companies as project partners for mutual benefit
  • Cooperation with organisations and institutions such as public authorities, NGOs, media and representations of interests, on regional, national and international level



write to:

c/o Schulzentrum Ybbs
Schulring 1
3370 Ybbs/Donau