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Zagreb: 14.-18.05.2013


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PROJECT    MEETING P    ROGRAM,     ZAGREB,   May 14 – 18.5, 2013







Arrival of groups 8 a.m.(arrival at the school)- attending classes in various subjects

10.35 a.m.

- arrival of the Eurobike group from Ybbs


11.45 a.m.

- lunch in the city center


2.00 – 6.00 p.m.

- sightseeing tour of the city center


7.00 p.m.

(in the school)

- presentations by project members


8.00 p.m.

- dinner in the school garden


10.00 p.m.

- students go to their host families; teachers go to the hostel


8 a.m.(arrival at the school)8.30 – 10.30 a.m.

- “International Laboratory”

(analysis of water samples)


10.50 -11.50 a.m.

- tour of the school


12.00 a.m.

- lunch (cycling to the restaurant)


2.00 p.m.

(Maksimir park)

- MTB (bike) orienteering trip


5.00 p.m.

- international cycling tour of Zagreb


6.30 p.m.

- arrival at the school



7.00 – 8.00 p.m.

Hans Műller:

“Presentation of the

Cycling Trip from Ybbs to Zagreb”


- students go to their host families


8.00 a.m.- trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park (guided tour)

6.30 p.m.

- arrival at Zagreb

- free time



8.30 p.m.

- dinner in the city center



Departure of groups Departure of the NL group


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All considered, the event in Zagreb was by far the most intense and most widely acknowledged of all project meetings. We really got the impression that biking is about to develop in Zagreb and that EUROBIKE and its team in Zagreb have contributed a little bit to this development.

Before we met in Zagreb, the national teams had to do some preparation work such as bringing some sample water from tab and lakes, preparing a presentation, bringing a song and getting informed about orienteering; all these things were needed for workshops later on (see info on tasks below).

On Wednesday the international groups attended classes with their hosts and got to know the partner school and their educational focus. At noon, the biking group which had driven from Ybbs to Maribor, arrived and there was common lunch in the centre of Zagreb. In the afternoon the students from Zagreb showed their guests wht to see in their capital in small, mixed groups in order to get to know each other as well.

In the evening the schools presented themselves and aftrewards the host school arrranged a barbeque in the school yard; there was Croatian singing and dancing and the delicious food. Afterwards, the students stayed with teir host families.

Thursday morning the students used the chemistry lab of school in order to analyse their water samples, which sometimes ceated interesting results (see extra power point presentation).
In the afternoon one of the many big parks of Zagreb – park MAKSIMIR – was used to do some orienteering tasks by bike. By means of maps and compass mixed groups had to find places in the area where they had to get a stamp of proof for being there – the group fastest in finding all the points won the competition. Great fun by bike which brought people together!

In the afternoon there was an impressive cycling tour through Zagreb, which aroused quite some attention! Together with many people from the area and the mayor of Zagreb our project members were biking through the city of Zagreb, accompanied by TV cameras  and reporters. The police even closed the roads for us!

This so called „International  biking  tour  around  Zagreb“ on the 16th.of May 2013 was open to all citizens of Zagreb, schools,  a lot of institutions,  friends, parents, teachers and students from all schools……….. )

The aims of this tour were

  • Drawing  attention to the need to preserve the environment and planet Earth
  • Reminding of  all the benefits (environmental, health and economic)  of cycling
  • Promoting the bicycle as a means of transport in everyday life, sport and tourism
  • Refering to the necessary improvement of cycling infrastructure in the city of Zagreb

In the evening Mag. Hans Müller and Markus Teufel reported on the biking trip from Ybbs to Maribor, which took three days (see extra documentation). This event was also visited by representatives of the Dutch embassy.

On Friday we all went to Plitvice Lakes National Park, where we had a guided tour. Although the weather was bad, everybody enjoyed the stunning nature and for the last time we had the chance to talk about the project and to arrange further activities.


IN ZAGREB, MAY 14 – 18, 2013



(Ecology/ Environmental Protection and Sustainable Society)


“International EURO BIKE laboratory – Analysis of Water Quality”




1          sample of tap water from your own apartment/house

(in a 0.5L plastic water bottle)

2          sample of freshwater from the local lake or river/creek

(in a 0.5L plastic water bottle)





1             The water samples should be collected on the day of the trip or the day before the

trip and directly into clean 0.5L plastic water bottles.


2             Before sampling, rinse the bottles with sampled water!

3             Tap water has to run for at least 10 minutes before sampling.

4             When sampling freshwater (in a creek, river or lake) submerge the bottle

15cm below the surface.

(The mouth of the bottle should be held 15cm below the surface.)





Label both bottles (tap water and freshwater sample bottles) either with labels or markers.


On the labels please write the following:



TAP WATER FROM _________________________ (town/city)



FRESHWATER FROM ________________________ (river/brook or lake)



“MTB Orienteering (EURO BIKE  orienteering)”




Please bring a bicycle helmet and a compass.



Please study the orienteering rules and basics of map reading:





This MTB orienteering task will be an easy one for all the participants!



“Presentations of Project Meeting Participants”


Please prepare a presentation (a PPT, video, etc.) about your school or town/city. Mention the popularity of the bicycle in your school or town/city.

The presentation should not last more than 5 minutes.




If possible, prepare a song to sing or play on an instrument with parts of it in the mother tongue!


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All our activities were appreciated and taken care of by Croatian press and TV. A team from HTV (Croatian National Television) even broadcasted a report on Eurobike, which can be seen under the following links:



Eurobike was generously sponsored and supported by:

  • Zagreb Tourist Board
  • Vadimir Prelog Science School
  • Bike association Moj Bicikl (NGO),(main partner in the  project)
  • NEXTBIKE- bike sharing system
  • BK Pedalinac
  • Orienteering club „ VIHOR“
  • FRANCK, Zagreb

Analysis of Water Quality

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Zagreb: 10.-14.05.2013


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Programme: Biking tour Ybbs – Zagreb (10th to 15th of May)

10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th
arrival in Vienna06:32: PL team11:48: SK team15:04: SK, PL (by train from  Westbahnhof to Ybbs)

16:41:arrival in Ybbs

13:57: SLO team (by car with bikes to Ybbs – Hans)

08:00: breakfast09:30: taking over and adjustement of the bikes10:30: reception by the mayor of Ybbs, with local press11:00: start of the tour along the Danube 08:00: breakfast09:00:departureKremsInternational Danube cycleway

13:00: Tulln (lunch)


06:30: breakfast07:00: crossing of Vienna by bike to Bahnhof Meidling08:30: departure by train with bikes10:13: Bruck/Mur

cycleway along the river Mur

12:00: lunch at Frohnleiten

08:00: breakfast09:00: departureGraz  -Wildon (lunch)




Arrival oft he other teams

06:00: breakfast06:55: departure by train from Maribor10:35: arrival in Zagreb 

11:45:- lunch in the city center


08:00:(arrival at the school)08:30-10:30:“International Laboratory”

(analysis of water samples)


tour of the school


lunch (cycling to the restaurant)

08.00:- trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park (guided tour)18:30: – arrival at Zagreb

free time



dinner in the city center


Arrival Vienna airport20:50: B team(Picked up by minibus  – Markus)22:40: S team

(Picked up by minibus – Mike)

International Danube cycleway:Ybbs – Pöchlarn (changing to the left side of Danube) – region of Wachau Weißenkirchen – Dürnstein – Krems(,

Youth hostel Krems

Greifenstein – Klosterneuburg – Donauinsel -Wien(Dinner at youth hostel

Visit of the historical center of Wien




Youth hostel Wien

17:00: arrival in Graz ( 60km)Visit of the historical center of Graz .- dinner








Youth hostel Graz

Leibnitz – SpielfeldMaribor(Visit of the historical center of Maribor .- dinner






Youth hostel Maribor

14:00 – 18:00:sightseeing tour of the city center19:00:(in the school)

presentations by project members


dinner in the school garden


students go to their host families; teachers go to the hostel

14:00: MTB (bike)orienteering trip(Maksimir park)17:00: cycling tour of Zagreb

18:30: arrival at the school


“Presentation of the Cycling Trip Ybbs – Zagreb”


students go to their host families


18th07:25: departure by train (teams from Belgium, Poland and Slovakia)13:57: Arrival in Vienna



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Müller Hans

Wögerer Franz

Teufel Markus

Daniel Molnar



Miel Charles  0032/498641646

Lennart Verstraeten

Lennert Verhulst

Midas Van Dorpe

Lucas Van Dorpe

Pieter-Jan Heggerick



Chwialkowski Zbigniew

Karolina Posiol

Anna Kaminska



František Skokánek

Lenka Crchová

Martin Žurav



Marko Grobler

Tilen Horvat

Matic van der Auwera



Jerker Sagfors 0046 703042155

Adis Arnautovic

Pontus Ollaka Persson


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On 11th May we started our last Euro Bike Project Meeting from Ybbs to Zagreb (280 – 300 km). We planned to ride the bike 60 – 80 km per day. After the gathering of the international groups (Sweden, Belgium, Poland, the Netherland, Slovakia, Austria and our silent partners from Slovenia), we started our trip.

After our start the weather challenged our motivation, and it started to rain heavily.


We accepted the challenge against the rain, and we can proudly say that we managed 67 km that day.

So we arrived, as planned, in Krems. We still had a few hours before the youth accommodation would open, so we went to a Tee-House to warm up. We were already pretty tired at that time, we nearly fell asleep. The evening we had free time which we spent getting to know each other.


The next day we started to ride right after the breakfast at around 8 – 9 am. That day was a bit cloudy and wet, but it did not rained anymore.


We arrived in Vienna at 4 pm, which meant we successfully managed our second day without any serious problems. In the evening we went to the heart of the city, and visited, I have to say, not the cheapest but the most qualitative and elegant cafe house in the whole of Austria, the Café Central. Most of us were amazed by its style and quality.


The third day our fortune seemed to turn, the train company had technical issues so we had to take another train, 2 hours later than planned. We arrived in Bruck an der Mur at 12 am, and we still had almost 70 km of biking ahead of us.


In my opinion this was the best and most beautiful day of our week. The bikeway was excellent, the weather was just perfect and the landscape was just marvelous. Graz was also a bit surprising; the whole city was pretty “biker-friendly”. We rode into the main city without noticing that it is quite a big city.

Our youth accommodation was also the best one; we were accommodated together with our good friends Pontus and Adis from Sweden. After dinner we had free time again which we spent in a pub together with most of the other guys.


The last day I was already at my limit and I already got sunburnt when we started the ride in the morning. At that point I was already really determined to do the whole route, because I literally saw the finish line before my eyes, only 70 – 80 km stood between me and the finish. We arrived at Maribor, just like in the last days, in the afternoon. In the evening we had our best dinner so far. It was a good finish for the trip.


The next day we went to Zagreb by car and we spent a few interesting days there.
Our video about the bike trip can be seen at:



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TIME: 13-14-15 May 2013


PARTICIPANTS: Aukje Steijvers (Maths teacher), Anja Mertens (English teacher), Florence Uppendo (student) and Teddy Kuijs (student). The students were 4th formers of the “Valuascollege” in the Netherlands.




On Monday the 13th we arrived (by car) at the “Freinatgymnasium” in Gent around noon.


We had lunch and after the lunchbreak we all attended classes in either Maths or English.


After school we got acquainted with some teachers and had dinner around 7.

We stayed at a youth hostel in Gent.


On Tuesday the 14th we attended more classes in the morning. In the afternoon we went on a guided tour around the city and had some drinks and dinner in the evening. Gent is a beautiful, historic city , friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. There is a lot of one-way traffic for car drivers and motorists, so it’s best to discover the sights of the city on foot or by bike.


We spent the night at the same youth hostel.


On Wednesday the 15th we attended a few classes and took leave at about 12.o’clock.


The teachers as well as the students enjoyed their stay in Gent a lot. We experienced some differences in education and were impressed by the quality of the educational system of the Freinatschool.


Anja Mertens (amertens@valuascollege.nl)

Aukje Steijvers (asteijvers@valuascollege.nl)

SWEDEN / Eurobike Project Teacher’s exchange – E. Janssen


During the exchange with our Swedish colleagues we looked at differences in our educational system and our general approach to the field. We were particularly interested to see the level to which Swedish students are allowed to determine their own programme, and find that we have much to learn in this regard. It was remarkable to see how well the students are able to handle the responsibility of making their own choices. They are not left completely free, they receive coaching and a number of goals are agreed on with their teachers, but the principal choice of direction lies with the student.


We also talked about the possibility of further increasing the level of cultural exchange for students. During our visit we spoke not just with teachers, but also with students to get a sense of how they experience the Swedish system. We saw a number of different groups at several levels and were pleasantly surprised at the level of independence displayed by the Swedish students.


Eric Janssen (ejanssen@valuascollege.nl)

Teachers/students exchange from Venlo to Croatia


This year we were given the opportunity to go on a teacher’s exchange to Croatia. We wanted to share this experience with our students. Our Croatian colleague helped to make this possible.

On April 4th we departed for Köln-Bonn airport with four students, three of whom had never flown before, exciting! After a good flight and a warm welcome from our Croatian hosts we went on a tour of Zagreb on which we saw the various sights.


The next day we visited our partner school. This school specialises in technical subjects, which means the students have several hours of practical lessons each week. We were invited to take part in a chemistry lesson where the students examined an onion through a microscope and a biology lesson in which the students dissected a fish. Older students worked in pairs on a lab exercise conducting a number of different tests.


Our students gave a presentation to the Croatian exchange students about the Netherlands, Venlo, and the Valuascollege. We proudly watched as our students presented our culture and our school in front of 40 Croatian adolescents in fluent English. We also visited a lesson in geography and history which had been completely tailored to us. While the position and value of Croatia in European history was explained, there were Croatian snacks so that the students could not only look at and listen to, but also get an actual taste of Croatian culture.


We were surprised to see that the facilities for students with special needs were just as developed as they were in the Netherlands. While we had expected to see a country that was somewhat underdeveloped in the field of student care, but this was definitely not the case. A fulltime employee, specialised in all the courses, who helps students from all grades in a pleasant way. We were allowed to sit in on a number of meetings and experiences a very pleasant atmosphere.


After another period music blasted from the speakers once again to announce the next lesson. We were surprised to see students running for their next period, but it turns out that if they are even a second late, the door will be closed and they will miss the whole class. No tardy slips, but a whole period of detention, no excuses.


On Saturday mornning the girls’ football team had a match, and we visited to cheer them on, on the invitation of the principal. We also visited the Saturday market along with the students and were invited to the premier of the Croatian state ballet. To occasion its hundred year anniversary the ballet company danced ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’. This beautiful t heatre was the location for the conclusion of a very special trip.


Tanja Hoek (thoek@valuascollege.nl)

Maartje Schwillens (mschwillens@valuascollege.nl)


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Zagreb: 20.-23.04.2013


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morning  Departure Ybbs08:00




08:30 – 10:00Visit of partner school10:30 – 12:00

Participation in lessons


Croatian students present their home town




Bike excursion in  the surrounding of zagreb


departure Zagreb:




lunch   canteen
afternoon     13:30 – 16:00Workshops on the topic „Eurobike“
dinner with families with families Restaurant
evening    theater play common evening with students, teachers, headmaster


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Michael Pölzl, Elisabeth Ebner, Stefan Musil


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Thursday noon we arrived Zagreb and took part in several lessons at  Vladimir Prelog Science School, a school which works in two shifts.

Among other things we played a geography game in informatics, took part in German lessons and geography lessons. A Croatian class had prepared a presentation on the common history of Austria and Croatia.
We especially liked the idea of having a small zoo and a herbal garden on school grounds.

On Friday we experienced classes in chemistry and cosmetics, two subjects typical of our host school. Then we got bikes and roamed the city of Zagreb. Although the biking infrastructure is not yet fully developed, many people in this city use the bike for covering short distances to school and especially into the inner city.
Students from Vladimir Prelog Science School were great guides to the sights of Zagreb. Friday night we enjoyed the musical „Cabaret“, performed in the Municipial Theatre.

On 27 April we were able to participate in the Orange Bike Ride, which was organized by the Dutch ambessy and the city council of Zagreb. Bikes and biking activities and Eurobike were presented on Zagreb main square, in the early afternoon there was a common biking parade through the inner city (see YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqA-VyC-E70).

This exchange provided a wonderful insight into Croatian school life and also showed us how the city of Zagreb is trying to promote cycling as a means of transport.


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Ziar: 14.-19.04.2013


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15.4. Monday


- arrival in Bratislava (for those who will land in Wien, your individual transport to Bratislava) visiting the city, meeting point Hodžovo námestie (there is the residence of the president) at agreed time (between 17:00 – 18:00 depends on your arrival)

- booked bus for all groups from Bratislava to Žiar nad Hronom

- students will go to host families, teachers to a hostel (dinner at restaurant?)


16.4. Tuesday


- meeting at school at 8:30, presentation about our country, town, and school

- guided tour round the school

- presentations of the tasks

- 13:00 lunch in the school canteen

- biking trip to the countryside (about 3 hours, 15 km)

- activities in the school yard (gym)

- 18:00 dinner in the school canteen, after that students – to host families,


17.4. Wednesday


- meeting at school at 8:00

- 9:00 visiting a mining museum in Banská Štiavnica (a former mine for gold and silver)

transport there  by bus

- short rest in the old city (shopping or coffee), packed lunch from school ?

- 13:00 a trip to Banská Bystrica (the capital city of our region), excursion in museum and

after that some free time

- students will go to families and teachers to beds (?)


18.4. Thursday


- meeting at school at 8: 30

-a biking trip to countryside (about 3 hours, 15 km)

- 12:00 lunch at restaurant

- 14:00 meeting with local authorities ,workshop

- dinner at school all together (students, teachers, parents)

- in the evening, a trip to the hill near Žiar  with flying  lanterns of wishes

- after party


19.4. Friday


-the day od departure

- booked bus for all groups from Žiar nad Hronom to Bratislava (airport, train station)

- a lot of tears


Everybody must wear a helmet outside the city!!!


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P.č. Meno a priezvisko Trieda Meno hosťa Kontakt na hosťa Štát


Nina Holičková Sexta Catherine Svedhem casv1214@fridaskolan.se SWE


Kristína Končoková Sexta Emil Larsson emla0829@fridaskolan.se SWE


Ema Zorkóczyová Sexta Van Brande Elisabeth liesjebas@hotmail.com BEL


Vladimíra Mlynčoková Sexta Scott Hendrickx angele65@ziggo.nl NED


Zuzana Hriňová Sexta Esther Deenen estherdeenen@hotmail.com NED


Lucia Štefanovičová Sexta Katja Rieken katja.rieken@gmail.com NED


Veronika Rišňovská Sexta Stina Pettersson stpe0217@fridaskolan.se SWE


Matejn Kotora Sexta Martin Sinkovič sinkovic.martin@gmail.com CRO


Ivana Trokšiarová II.A Andriesen Basile basile_andriessen@hotmail.com BEL


Simona Dulajová III.C Sana Abbaoui saab0805@fridaskolan.se SWE


Michaela Barcíková Septima Casteleyn Julie juliecasteyn@hotmail.com BEL


Zuzana Palkovičová Septima Plompen Fien fienplompen@hotmail.be BEL


Monika Paučová Septima Maria Olsson maol0802@fridaskolan.se SWE


Silvia Klabníková Septima Monika Špital monikaspital1@gmail.com SLO


Lenka Lipjanska III.B Agata Piotrowska POL


Lenka Lipjanska III:B Magdalena Kesiak POL


Bianca Golhová III.C Benjamin Pils benjamin.pils@sz-ybbs.ac.at AUS


Alžbeta Klimanová III.C Josua Baptist josua.baptist@sz-ybbs.ac.at AUS


Terézia Bosmanová III.C Julia Schroll jennifer.fuchs@sz-ybbs.ac.at AUS


Ivana Ivanová Oktáva Kamila Gasiorowska POL


Branislav Višňanský IV.C Malgorzata Tosik POL


Filip Vincenc IV.C Nejc Mastnak nejc0711@gmail.com SLO


Martin Krč IV.C Klemen Lah klemen8.lah@gmail.com SLO


Katarína Šályová III.A Plavotic Dominika dominika.plavotic@sz-ybbs.ac.at AUS


Erika Karulová III.A Katarzyna Cieslak POL


Lucia Kúšiková III.A Mia Šepčevič mia.sepcevic@gmail.com CRO


Radka Ivaničová II.C Martina Čajič chajicka95@gmail.com CRO


Beáta Krónerová II.C Sara Mandič Sara.mandic95@hotmail.com CRO


Patrik Ivan III.A Tomislav Šklebar tskleb@gmail.com CRO


Simona Dulajová III.C Maruša Bajlec marusa.bajlec@gmail.com SLO


Eva Šályová I.C Laura Creemers lauracreemers@xs4all.nl NED


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Eurobike questionnair front


Eurobike questionnair back



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Zdunska Wola(PL): 14.-18.10.2012 Project Meeting


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7:16 am Arrival by train in Warsaw

(leaving in Vienna at 13.10.-10:24 pm)

Visit of Warsaw

4:00 pm

Transfer by bus with other participants to Zdunska Wola

welcome of students by host families


8.30-meeting at school, presentations of each country(7 wonders of your country),

ice-breaking with a song,

a tour around school, group work (making commercials of bike parts),

group presentations + LUNCH


8.30-meeting at school, presentation about Łódź

9.00-a coach trip to Łódź

A rickshaw ride along the longest street in Łódź



8.30-meeting at school

Sport activities in 2 groups (spinning-aerobics on bikes and BMX show)



Bus transfer to Warsaw

9:10 pm

Departure by train

19.10.:06:07 am

 arrival in Vienna –

8:22 arrival in Ybbs)


14.00-orienteering around Zduńska Wola, tree planting, DINNER



A visit to an old Textile Industry Museum

Free time for shopping

Come back to Zduńska Wola


13.00- A biking trip around Zduńska Wola

16.00-preparing presentations (Zduńska Wola’s meeting in a nutshell-

choosing the best pictures (national groups)


18.00-An evening show (pantomime), singing by a bonfire or a disco (depending on the weather)

21.30-come back to host families


About 18.00-Dinner at host families (cooking and eating) (students)

Dinner in a restaurant (teachers)


17.00-a concert at school

18.30-DINNER, party, presenting the presentation

21.30-come back to host families



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During the meeting the participants took part in many activities at our school and also at neighbouring junior high school. There were presentations of each country, sport activities, theatre performance, tour round the town, a concert, a bonfire, cooking local dishes. There was also a of trip to the city of Lodz where the group took a rikshaw ride along the main street, visited Experimentarium (a kind of technical museum) and Manufaktura shopping and cultural centre. On the last day there was a biking trip to beautiful places around Zdunska Wola. The participants learnt about the present and past of bike using in Zdunska Wola,  could take a ride along newly built biking paths, extend the knowledge of the school, the town and the country.

Comments by Dutch students:


I had a great time in Poland. I’ve seen a lot of things of the culture of Poland which I find very interesting. The food was a little bit different as in Holland but the food in the host family was delicious. Between the activities there was a lot of waiting. Next time I advice you to have a straight program. I’ve met great people. It was a

Annabel Boers


I think that in that short time you really get to know each other.

It was a really good thing to be all together. The food wasn’t really my flavours but, somebody with a normal taste would really like it!

There really taken good care of uss! The biking trip could be with less pauses….

And, the program should be a bit more following so you don’t have to wait so much time.

Benoit vd Brandt


I really liked the meeting in Zdunska Wola.

Everybody was nice to eachother and my hostfamilie was nice.

The things we did were fun to do, including the biking trip.

The food in my hostfamilie was nice, but I didn’t really like the sandwiches which we got in our lunchpackages.

Something that could be improved: everything has to be on time, so that you don’t have to wait that much.

overall it was a nice and exciting experience!

Robin Vermeulen



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Venlo: 16.-21.09.2012


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Name Male/Female Mobile E-mail Food restrictions
Bianca Golhová Female +421914122340 bianca.golhova@gmail.com ——
Barbora Barboríková Female +421910427924 barborka.barboríková@gmail.com ——
Milan Macko Male +421910485037 milangrizzlymacko@gmail.com ——
Martin Žurav Male +421904355296 mato3674@azet.sk ——
Nikola Poltorak F +48536353612 Nicolapoltorak@gmail.com
Iwo Krzyzanski M +48783271051 iwozdw@gmail.com
Agnieszka Szulc F +48667144829 agnieszka.szulc95@gmail.com
Bartlomiej Wolf M +48500009314 snajpfer@gmail.com
Sigrid Lagerroth F / M? +46760241995 sila0711@fridaskolan.se Strict Vegetarian
Rebecka Hansson F +46762621345 rebecka-h@live.se
Malin Nilsson F / M +46703792665 mani1231@fridaskolan.se
Annelie Quartier F +46736506711 annelieq@hotmail.com
FILIP    GRGIĆ male +385915886465 skegro.ivan@hotmail.com No food restriction
IVAN     ŠKEGRO male +385958352677 filip.gex@gmail.com No food restriction
GABRIJEL TOMORAD male +385918895277 gabrijel.tomorad@gmail.com No food restriction
Benjamin PILS M +43 650 7871296 Benjamin.pils@sz-ybbs.ac.at
Josua BAPTIST M +43 680 1403889 Josua.baptist@sz-ybbs.ac.at
Markus TEUFEL M Markus.teufel@sz-ybbs.ac.at
Daniel MOLNAR M Daniel.molnar@sz-ybbs.ac.at
Anja Mikl F
Tjasa Harinski F
Tina Bozak F
Ömer Kirdas M 0032/(0)485826155 omertjeeee@hotmail.com moslim
Silke Van Durme F 0032/(0)475668218 Silke.vandurme@skynet.be /
Laure-Anne F 0032/(0)474517135 Jawadde.dadde@hotmil.com /
Lander Wevers M 0032/(0)494908444 Landerwevers@msn.com /
Luc Engelen M 077- lengelen@valuascollege.nl
Maartje Hoogveld V 077-4732916) mhoogveld@valuascollege.nl
Shenna Bakx V 077-3518253 Sbakx@valuascollege.nl
Joost Bouten M 077-4732696 jbouten@valuascollege.nl
Laura Cuijpers V 077-3517625 lcuijpers@valuascollege.nl
Kelly Beurskens V 077-3520830 kbeurskens@valuascollege.nl
Juul Kusters V 077-4732484 jkusters@valuascollege.nl
Val Caris M 077-3737776 vcaris@valuascollege.nl
Maxime van Ewijk V 077-3513720 Mvewijk@valuascollege.nl
Pepijn Merkx M 077-3828850 pmerkx@valuascollege.nl




Name Male/Female Mobile E-mail Foodrestrictions
Marc Routs MRouts@valuascollege.nl
Felix van Ballegooij FvBallegooij@valuascollege.nl
Pim Willemsen PWillemsen@valuascollege.nl
SLOVAKIA (17/9 15.00)
Mgr. Peter Sučanský Male +421908934517 peter.sucansky@gymzh.sk ——
Zbigniew Chwialkowski M +48600432867 mangas@igb.pl
BELGIUM (17/9 12.00)
Freija Broekaert F 0032/(0)486325177 Freija_Broekaert@hotmail.com /
SWE (17/9 16.00-16.30)
Elin Rasila (Teacher En/Fr) F +46703144751 elin.rasila@fridaskolan.se Vegetarian, but eats fish
CRO (17/9 19.30-20.00)
VESNA      BEVANDA female +385989156424 vbevanda@gmail.com No food restriction
VEDRANA VUKMIR female +385915253123 vvukmir@net.amis.hr No food restriction
AUSTRIA (17/9 12.00)
Rainer GRAF M +43 650 2507957 Rainer.graf@sz-ybbs.ac.at
Hans  Müller M +43 676 7941626 Hans.mueller@sz-ybbs.ac.at
Marko Grobler M


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Project Meeting Venlo 16th 21st September 2012 – Programme


Day Sunday16th of september Monday17th of September Tuesday18th of September Wednesday19th of September Thursday20th of September Friday21th of September
Morning Day of arrival



Morning of arrival





8:00 am – Breakfast9:30 am – Picking up the bikes for the group.10:00 am – Biking to the Floriade and a pick-nick during the ride. 9:00 am –Breakfast11:30 am – By bus to Heerlen. 8:30 am – Breakfast9:30 am – Workshop bike repairing. Day of departure
Afternoon 11:00 am-11:45 amIntroduction Dutch language 1:00 pm – Visit of the Floriade (www.floriade.nl website available in English and German) 1:00 pm – Arrival in Heerlen at the UCI Road World championship (www.limburg2012.nl website available in English, German and French). 1:00 pm – To Venlo by bikeAfternoon: Group activity at school.

4:00 pm – Back to Arcen (group accomodation)


12:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Departure to ‘the Vlinderkes’ (group accommodation in Arcen)5:00 pm – Welcome by the principal of the Valuascollege
Evening 5:15 pm – Dinner at school6:00 pm – Guided tour in the school6:45 pm – To Arcen by public transportation.7:30 pm – Ice-cream at Clevers

8:30 pm – Back to the group accommodation.

6:30 pm - Dinner at a pancake restaurant. 5:00 pm – Depart back to Arcen.6:30 pm – Dinner together at the group accommodation. 6: 00 pm - Barbeque at the group accommodation.


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Vänersborg/S: 13.-17.5.2012


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Sat 12/5 Sun 13/5 Mon 14/5 Tue 15/5 Wed 16/5 BRING A TOWEL and party clothes Thur 17/5
Morning9.00 Austria(CPH)10.46 Trainto Gothenburg arrival 14.17

KARIN will be there to meet


Possibility for Austrian group to go to Gothenburg for free.Sponsored tickets : ) AT SCHOOL: ÄPPLET9.00-9.30 WELCOME MEETINGinformation about the weekEach country: Hand in Stereotype poster/USB9.30 Lecture: 1200 km of Saddle Ache by Tim and Adam, biking Viking students: Biking to the Netherlands…

10.20 Breaking the ice… with Trond the Viking

A lesson about surviving the Swedish summer???

AT SCHOOL: FRIDASALEN and then Korallen, Syrenen, Gråzonen, Röda, Green room

8.45-11 Film Workshop

International groups

Making a trailer for Eurobike! “Use your bike“ Watch: http://www.apple.com/ilife/imovie/#movie-trailerstext: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2228

AT SCHOOL:8.30 Class time with hosting student9.05-10.20 3 groups Lesson in Social scienceAllemansrätten“ – The right of public access http://www.sweden.se/eng/Home/Work/Life_in_Sweden/Climate_nature/the-right-of-public-access/10.20-11.30 Workshop – Make a poster about your country and region – nature and wildlife tourism Departure : (TRAIN:09.13 VBG09.25 Thn10.12 GOT

Flights :


SK 12.30



BE/NL 16.10



CRO 18.10



PL 21.25



Austria 17.45



SLO overnight

Linné Hostel

18/5 12.20 (GSE)



City Airport GOT= Landvetter

Lunch: 11:00 – 12:00 LUNCH 11:00 – 12:00 LUNCH 11:30 – 12:15 LUNCH 12.00 NEWSPAPER TEAM!!
Afternoon15.12 Austria train from Gothenburg15.59 arrival Trollhättan Host family pick up! Arrivals:13.10 CRO (GOT)14.30 Slovenia (GSE)14.55 BE&NL (GSE)17.00 BOAT SURPRISE!

18.17 TRAIN fr GOTH.

19.08 Trollhättan

19.21 Vänersborg

Hostfamily pick up!

12.00 – 12.30 Lecture?Interesting places you will see on the bike trip to Trollhättan and back!Anders Drougge,The Biking Association12.30-17.30 Bike trip with TROND & MAGNUS to the neighbouring town Trollhättan and back, FIKA on the way and interesting stories about the area! Guide Anders Drougge, the Bike Association Service car with the crazy Viking woman Karin… 12.00 Bike trip to Grönvik by Vänern, = 45 min.VIKING PENTATHLON to prepare yourself:http://www.smurf.com/https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/docs/flagsoftheworld.html http://www.ehow.com/how_5076942_use-straws-make-tower.html http://www.morewords.com/word/rumble/15.30 Biking to Bastungen’s old light house,30 min

16.00 Wildlife Tortilla Wraps

18.30 Live music quiz w Swedish pupils

20.00 Cycling back again (not far – just across the bridge over lake Vänern… 20 min)

12.15 Bike trip to the Hunneberg hill with Mari and Jesper approx 15 km The last km is only uphill… Phew!13.45 Elk museum guided tour, 30 min outdoor quiz walk,bike by the lake on the hill14.45 Biking back to school

16.00 Leaving the bikes at school

Evening20.55 PL(GSE) Taxis 21.15Door code8013 starKey Box nr 5

code 5657

Arrival: 22.45 SK airport bus to centre PERNILLA meets you! Bus 60 to hostel Vegagatan 22CODE: 5584 17.30 With host familiesTEACHERS STAY AT: http://hotell46.com/Kyrkogatan 46, 462 30 Vänersborgphone: +46733833123 owner Mats Höglund

20.30 End at school –

end time depends on how tired you are after the PENTATHLON and Wildlife activities and Music Quiz : )

16.00 Shower and change for Farewell dinner at school and typical VIKING activities together : ) MAGNUS the Viking is responsible
Dalagärde host. Gothenburg Linné hostelGothenburg. 20.30„Elk safari“ by bus from school


?Make a poster (digital or in paper) of a STEREOTYPE BIKER from your country with the “survival equipment “needed for a longer bike trip in your country… Describe the equipment and the reason it is needed for biking in your country.

(i.e. Why the Austrian biker has earplugs to save his ears from the yodelling people whilst biking among the cows in the Alps…)

The aim of this task is to have fun! You can bring your poster digitally on a USB or email it to me in advance <email deleted>

It will be put on display at school during the week!

?For the workshop on Tuesday – look at the links in the schedule to get a quick idea about the possibilities with iMovie

?For the Viking Pentathlon: Extremely important to look at the links and prepare your team for the five different tasks : )

(The most difficult task: “Riding a polar bear“ will be a surprise that we won’t tell you about in advance because it is simply too scary)

?For the workshop on Wednesday: Prepare yourself by looking at what type of nature and wildlife you have in your country and region and which ways people enjoy the nature and which activities are possible and popular.

?For Tuesday and Wednesday evening: Bring some music you like

THINGS TO BRING: PACK LIGHT!!! Comfortable clothes and shoes, wind/rain proof jacket/trousers, warm sweater, towel, passport, personal medication, patience and humility + MOST IMPORTANT: a big smile!


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Country Participants (age)
AT Franz Wögerer
1 Theresa Spielleuthner (17)
2 Christina Hiesberger (17)
3 Elisabeth Barthofer (17)
4 Sercan Makaraci (19),
BE Miel Charles
1 Rana N Mizrak (16)
2 Pavani Vyncke (16)
3 Pieter Browaeys (16)
4 Lennart Onghena (16)
CRO Vedrana Vukmir
Teacher Tomislav Golubic
1 Katarina Obraz 17
2 Martina Cajic 17
3 Sara Mandic 17
NL Bart Haenen
1 Dylan van der Burgt
2 Joy Peters
3 Elise Mooren
4 Anne de Dreu
PL Zbigniew Chwialkowski
Teacher Ania Szulc
1 Paulina Slawinska
2 Agata Wojcik
3 Szymon Adamkiewicz
4 Sebastian Kapitula
SLOVAKIA Frantisek Skokanek
2 Branislav VISNANSKY
3 Matej VAVRO
SLOVENIA Jelena Grobler
1 Matic Karel Van der Auwera
2 Sebastjan Jemec
3 Monika Špital (16)
4 Tjaša Harinski (15)


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Ghent/S: 12.-16.02.2012


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PROGRAMME       EUROBIKE MEETING GENT               12-16/02/2012


Arrival: Sunday 12/02/2012

Departure: Thursday 16/02/2012

Project week at school “”the Wingerd”

Participants: 28 students + class 4A2 Wingerd (17 students): 35 students

Teachers: 10 + 2 from the Wingerd = 12


Accommodation:        Students: Host families (parents 4th year Wingerd – science dep)

Teachers: Hostel47, Gent.


Task for the students to be carried out in your home country:

The students attending the Eurobike meeting in Gent should bring a memory stick with their group’s powerpoint presentation and a short movie.



We are looking for about 3 examples (minimum) of each of the following:

-        existing successful use of the bike in your area (pictures and some explanation)

-        inadequate provision of biking facilities in your area

-        new creative ideas for introducing the use of bikes to make our environment safer and healthier, again in your own area.

The idea is that everybody has a picture of the use of bikes in your hometown, any progress that has been made in the past years and goals for the near future. Dreaming is not forbidden, money is no object, personal views are recommended.


Secondly we would like to organise a small competition by asking you to make a short movie (free style) using your mobile phone, camera, etc…  of max. 3 minutes with the title “Eurobike”. We have three prizes waiting for you for the most original short film! 

Please make sure the movie can be played with “windows movie player” software (or another standard piece of software). The teachers of each country will form the jury.




Sunday 12/02:

Arrival of participants at Gent Sint Pieters (rail) or Brussels National / Brussels South Airport. Transport to Gent. Meeting at De Wingerd school with host parents. Short briefing. Evening meal with families (and students). Taking teachers to Hostel47, evening meal in Gent, briefing programme.


Monday 13/02:

Arrival at school at 9h00. “Kick off” event to stimulate social interaction.

Please make sure you all bring sports clothes (shorts, T shirt, sport shoes)

12.00u: Lunch at school.

13.00u – 15.00u: Bike tour – Bourgoyen – station Gent St Pieters. Discovering Gent and surroundings, first examples of succesful integration of the bike as a sustainable means of transport.

15.30u – 17.00u: Presentation of different countries at the Wingerd. Results of photo shoots – competition (see above)

17.30u: pick up by host families – evening meal.

Teachers free, exploring Gent and first beer tasting :)

Tuesday 14/02:

09.00: Arrival at school

09.30: Reception at Town Hall with councillor De Regge or Mayor Termont, council hall. Presentation by Yves De Baets, Civitas (mobiliteit@gent.be), group discussions, brainstorming, action plans and info to take home.

Video message from Eddy Merckx?

12.00u: lunch at school

13.00u: Visit Gent by bike: guided tour by Wingerd students.

Focus on bike trails, safety, bike “parking” in town, types of bikes,…

17.00u: back at school – snack

Evening meal: cooking together, preparing national heritage: “mussels and chips”. Live cooking lessons.

Pick up by host families at 22h00.



Wednesday 15/02:

Arrival at school at 09.00u. Briefing and cycling to the Blaarmeersen.

10h00 – 12h00: Group 1: Indoor cycling Velodrome Eddy Merckx (max 25 persons).

Group 2: Visiting of bike shops in Gent: Godefroot, Joma, ligfietsen Lange Violettestraat, Plum, custom bikes Bike store, …

Visit of bike repair atelier Kattenberg (Town of Gent).

12.30u – 13.30u: Lunch at Piereput.

14.00u – 16.00u: Group 1: Visiting of bike shops in Gent: Godefroot, Joma, ligfietsen Lange Violettestraat, Plum, custom bikes Bike store, …

Visit of bike repair atelier Kattenberg (Town of Gent)

Group 2: Indoor cycling Velodrome Eddy Merckx (max 25 persons)

16.30 – 18.00u: Evaluation meeting: brainstorm – pro’s and con’s – debate.

19.00u: Evening meal at Amadeus or Gekroonde Hoofden: spare ribs à volonté – Gent by night.

Pick up by parents host families at 23h00 at school.


Thursday 16/02: departure. Transport to Brussels.




Students’ reactions


Dear Sir, Madam


First of all, I want to thank you for making possible the Eurobike project, which is an amazing, one in a lifetime experience. I think I can speak for all the participants when I say it was a very enriching, inspiring and interesting experience.


Before giving my opinion of the project, I will describe how I participated in it. During the meeting in Ghent, my family hosted two Swedish boys. Moreover, I was offered the opportunity to participate in the final meeting, which consisted of a biking trip from Ybbs to Vienna, from Bruck a/d Mur to Maribor and another four days in Zagreb.


Now, I will give you my opinion of this project. I think there are two very important benefits. First, the project promotes the use of bikes. I think this is really important, especially for countries like Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia, as bikes are not very popular there.

I did not mention my own country, Belgium, because I think that in Belgium, compared to those other countries, biking is relatively popular. Nevertheless, I think it is important that we face the fact that there is still a lot of work to do when we want to make biking pleasant and safe. Also I think our country was important within the project, because we could act like some ‘unperfected model’, and offer the other countries some ideas for the future. Furthermore, we succeeded to let ourselves heard, even better than we anticipated. For example, during the meeting in Croatia, our project was at the national television twice, and we convinced the major of the importance of making biking safer and more attractive. He was so kind to block the streets so we were able to ride through the city and show other people that biking can be pleasant!


So I think I can say the project really contributed to putting biking in the spotlights and, I hope, may even have changed something in the minds of some people in Europe: a new, and in my opinion, better attitude towards biking.


But as if this is not enough, the project is important for a second, and in my opinion even more important reason as well. I think projects that bring together people of different European counties are really important for turning the European Union into a real union. In this project you get to learn so many new people and cultures and in my opinion it is essential that we at least know something about the other people in other countries in Europe to create a feeling of unity, to feel more attached to each other, and maybe someday care about each other!


But even for eurosceptics this project still is important because it broadens youngsters’ perspectives and contributes to their development into ‘world citizens’. It offers them, as I said above, a one in a lifetime experience, contacts and friends all over Europe, more future perspectives, and a broader view of reality. By getting to know other cultures and ways of thinking, youngsters may get a more open and more tolerant mind! And that are the things that in my opinion, we need a little bit more, things that are very important when you want to live a more cosmopolitan life, instead of hiding in your own little town and do not care about the rest…


If you ask me if there are any disadvantages about the project, I must conclude there are none, even after thinking very long. But if you really need one, what I regret most is the fact that the meetings are really short. I found it really difficult to leave all the very good friends I made during the meetings and I must say that the farewell still hurts! After both meetings it took me a week to recover, because of the enormous amount of energy I put into it, which is something most of the participants did. I guess this is one of the reasons why this projects was so amazing!


To conclude, I give some suggestions for the future.

I hope this kind of projects can happen more frequent and for a longer (certainly not a shorter) period of time! I can only speak from my own experience, but I truly believe that these projects are really important!


So, I repeat, I am very grateful towards every person who helped making these projects possible and turned them into such a wonderful experience for all the participants,


Thank you very much again,


Midas Van Dorpe


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Name Age Boy/Girl Mobile E-mail Food restrictions
Anna Holeckova 16 G -
Zuzana Rozembergova 16 G 0918060372 Zuzulka0171@azet.sk -
Monika Troksiarova 16 G 0910984355 m.troksiarova@gmail.com -
Veronika Roobova 17 G 0915604397 veronikaroobova@gmail.com -
Aleksandra Gaik 17 G +48695250846 aleksandrag@gmail.com
Agnieszka Szulc 16 G +48667144829 agnieszka.szulc95@gmail.com
Bartlomiej Derek 17 B +48660293763 bartek.derek@gmail.com
Bartosz Fred 18 B +48603719726 bartek.derek @gmail.com
Kelly Beurskens 16 G 0031681547120 legokelly@hotmail.com -
Maxime van Ewijk 15 G 0031628125855 Mamaxime.vanewijk@hotmail.com -
Pepijn Merkx 15 B 0031634165777 Pepijn29@hotmail.com -
Val Caris 15 B 0031633707081 Valcaris96@hotmail.com -
Emma Sjöberg 17 G +46768260280 emsj0819@fridaskolan.se -
Sanna Abbaoui 17 G +46707145192 saab0805@fridaskolan.se FUR ANIMALS
Jonathan Jonsson 17 B +46736549549 jojo0720@fridaskolan.se -
Damon FramptonKarin Helmerson 16 B +46767969970 dafr0916@fridaskolan.se -
Ivana Gjuras 16 G +38598847569 ivana.gjuras@gmail.com
Lucija Files 16 G +385997879641 lucija.files@hotmail.com vegetarian
Bruno Savoric 17 B +385919515958 bruno.savoric.1c@gmail.com
David Jajcanin 16 B +385995917350 Gt3.david@gmail.com
Eckert Jonas 16 M 0043/676 9625097 Jonas.eckert@sz-ybbs.ac.at -
Gindl Lisa 16 F 0043/6641389936 Lisa.gindl@sz-ybbs.ac.at -
Gruber Benjamin 17 M 0043/676 5173098 Benjamin.gruber@sz-ybbs.ac.at -
Zeilerbauer Teres 16 F 0043/6645229151 Teres.zeilerbauer@sz-ybbs.ac.at -
Matic Karel Van der Auwera 15 M matic.29@hotmail.com -
Monika Špital 16 F monikaspital1@gmail.com -
Tjaša Harinski 15 F www.th.www@gmail.com -
Sebastjan Jemec 17 M sebastjan.aloalo@hotmail.com -



Name Man/Woman Mobile E-mail Foodrestrictions Sleeping arrangements
Igor Stemnicky M 0903794646 Igor.stemnicky@gymzh.sk -
Magdalena Lemiecha F +48607240674 lemiecha@wp.pl - 2 if possible
Zbigniew Chwialkowski M +48600432867 mangas@1gb.pl - 2 if possible
Felix van Ballegooij M 0031614444711 Fvballegooij@valuascollege.nl - 1/2
1.Trond Stenvard M +46736264681 trst0124@fridaskolan.se - Doesn’t matter
2.Karin Helmerson F +46707216218 kahe0421@fridaskolan.se - Doesn’t matter
Vedrana Vukmir F +385915253123 vvukmir@net.amis.hr - not single room if possible
Pölzl Michael M 0043/650 61 65 010 Michael.poelzl@sz-ybbs.ac.at - Room  of 2
Kammerer Markus M 0043/676 34 100 48 Markus.kammerer@sz-ybbs.ac.at - Room  of 2
Jelena Grobler F 00386 31 445 235 jelenagrobler@hotmail.com -


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2 hour Bike shop tour Ghent

 2 hour Bike shop tour Ghent (Wednesday 15/02)

  1. 1.       What to do?
  • Somebody stays outside with the bikes, alternate at every shop
  • A 2hour loop, 5 x 6 pupils, one Belgian as a guide +map and addresses. Everybody takes off to another shop/place.
  • Its marked on your bike road maps in advance, I need them back for the afternoon session.
  • Have a look around, introduce yourselves and explain the project, ask whatever you want to know and enjoy yourselves.
  • 12.30. lunch at the Piereput. Evaluation meeting at school 16.30


  1. 2.       Stopping places

i.      Fiets! (Jomasport). Koningin fabiolalaan 7.
Fairly big bike shop, packed with different brands and types of bikes. Have a look around, introduce yourselves and explain the project, ask if they can show you their bike repair place.

ii.      Max Mobiel. Voskenslaan 27.
At the back of the central railway station. Non-profit organization. Brings biking and working together. Bike rental, repair. Developing of bike sharing and parking systems. Bike theft and anti –theft, bikes and tourist. Commuting system.  One of the major players in town regarding to bikes.

iii.      Plum. Nederkouter 141.
Third generation bike shop. Probably the oldest shop in town and it has a nice collection of retro bikes.

iv.      Biker. Steendam 16.
The better citybike. Rental bikes, repair shop, accessoires, … enjoy this small shop with ia very good choice of bikes!

v.      Town hall bike atelier. Kattenberg 2
All the people that are employed by the city of Ghent, can ask on top of their salary for a free bike for home-work commuting. At the town hall bike atelier, these thousands of bikes are assembled, repaired, engraved… On top of that it’s a reintegration program for people that have been unemployed for a long time. They are trained to become a skilled bike repairer, a highly valued, but almost endangered profession on the ever growing biking market.

  • Bike repair places.
    If you are a student, have bike and you have a problem you can always go to one of the following places. Do mind the fact that you will get your hands dirty. Willingly people are there to help and instruct you for free, but they won’t do it for you, unless… 

vi.       Fietsenherstelplaats Rabot. KAHO – Sint-Lieven. Income Bargiekaai, Monday and wednesday: 12.00u – 17.00u.

vii.      Fietsenherstelplaats Blandijn UGent. Sint-Hubertusstraat 2. Monday to Thursday: 8.00u – 10.30u en 12.00u – 14.00

viii.      vzw studentENmobiliteit (studentmobility), Kattenberg 2 – Gent

ix.      Freinetatheneum De wingerd. Neermeerskaai 1A. Every schoolday.

Brainstorm Workshop Townhall

Eurobike Brainstorm – 14/02/2012

GhentTown Hall

How can local governments promote the use of bikes in general


  • Giving permission to destroy car on sight
  • Punishment on people who don’t cycle at least once a week
  • Making it impossible to go by car
  • Town centre should only be accessible by bike, public transport or walking
  • Building more cycle facilities
  • Give bikes for free
  • Hype a lot, make it cool
  • They should use commercial TV and media
  • Tell how important it is for the environment
  • Lower prices for bikes
  • Listen to peoples ideas
  • Make more people know where the bike routes are
  • No car in the family =  every member gets a free bike
  • Eco bonus for ridng bike
  • Give money for people who bike to work
  • Give advantages for cyclists
  • No homework for cyclists
  • Choosing to take the bike is not only good for environment, but also for your health
  • Make tunnels that protect bikers from rain
  • Free repair service
  • Make car dangerous, so people would be scared to drive them
  • Stop making cars and replace them with special bikes that go faster
  • Death sentence for people qho don’t go by bike
  • Make cars and petrol extremely expensive
  • More cycle paths
  • More bridges
  • Free bike holidays of at half price
  • Win a price if you cycle
  • Increases taxes on petrol to ensure that cycling is really the cheapest option
  • Free toddler bikes
  • Give people maps so they can know where they can ride with their bike
  • Give a point per km. When you have enough points, you can get stuff like helmets, etc.
  • At crossing points, bikes first, then cars
  • Bike repair must be cheaper
  • If you are the 1.000th biker, you get 1000 €
  • People in power should ride bikes (roll models)
  • More street art about bikes
  • Test days for people to ride new bikes
  • Pimp your bike
  • More car free days for children
  • Do onto make any now car parks
  • Make car parks more expensive
  • Free repair places in the city
  • Build more useful bike roads away from dangerous cars
  • Biking meet point to bike together to school
  • Pictures on cars about what could happen when you drive them (just like cigarettes)
  • Little stalls on the road when you can get bike equipment easy and cheap
  • Biking exams on schools
  • Children must have enough time to make it to school without waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning




How could a local government stimulate sustainable by using the social media ?


  • complaining sites
  • links to sites with information on biking
  • cycle groups on facebook
  • pictures of cyclists to persuade people
  • advertisements with pictures with and without traffic
  • commercials for bike events
  • to have someone on msn, facebook, etc whom you can ask anything about cycling
  • include as much young people as possible as promoters
  • make car more expensive
  • free bikes, free public transport
  • separate bike paths
  • you can take bikes on busses
  • inform people via internet about cycling events
  • facebook group: every member has right on a free bike for one year
  • promoting cycling by using You Tube videos
  • give free computers and bikes
  • funny commercials on TV
  • an app that shows where you are
  • more bike pictures on “likes” on facebook
  • make 20% of the advertisements on those sites had to do about biking
  • macs on every bike !
  • speed dating with bikes
  • take photos of bikes and then vote for the best
  • official bike sell site
  • post cycling jokes
  • encourage people to post their status “cycling”
  • ads on shopping bags
  • pop-up videos and pictures
  • share bicycle idea before liking
  • ad before video starts sending promotional emails
  • ad with cycling weather
  • traffic jam information even for bikes
  • bike route planners
  • an app to give ideas about cycling
  • app with local bike shops
  • app about repairing bikes
  • app that show where you can find the best parking for your bike
  • app where people can post famous biking areas
  • app where people can post movies about cycling
  • a kind of blog where people can write their cycling experience about cycling in the city


How would you promote “car-sharing” amongst young adults who are ready to buy their first car?


  • Good rules between group of friends
  • Tell them it’s cheaper to travel together
  • Make carpoollanes
  • Better for environment
  • If you buy a car together, you can get a bonus
  • Make a website where people can meet to share cars
  • Cheaper cars for car sharers
  • Making mini busses less expensive
  • Fees when you drive alone in a car
  • Make cars more expensive so that only when only you share it you can afford it
  • Tell them it’s good because there won’t be so many traffic jams
  • You can’t have more than 1 car per family
  • TV commercials
  • Make less cars so they have to share
  • You are not allowed to buy a car if you don’t carpool 7 days a month
  • If you do car sharing 21 days a month, you get some financial support
  • Sites where you can find people who want to share their car in your neighbourhood


  • Give away a free car to people that share cars



How can a school make the use of helmets, fluo jackets, armbands, etc. a hype amongst youngsters?

  • Install headsets into helmets
  • Most people understand why these items are important for safety, however decide it isn’t worth it if you look stupid. Therefore, have people who have been involved in accidents to show their injuries
  • Integrate fluo as new colours
  • There are some helmets how look like scarves, they go over your head when you fall like airbags. Make them cheaper
  • Make them stylish
  • Invisible fluo jackets and helmets
  • Take a lot of pictures of celebrities with helmets  to show it is trendy
  • Fluorize the seems of clothes
  • Give a free meal when you wear them a whole week
  • At traffic controls, you get a free cinema ticket when you wear fluo
  • More fancy models of helmets (music groups, pictures of nice things, …)
  • More publicity for brand ‘nutcase’ (universal helmets)
  • Instead of using  fluo, we can use ‘glow in the dark stickers”
  • make some ads that shows how dangerous it is to ride without helmets
  • make famous people wear these things
  • organise a competition to design more fashionable helmets, fluo jackets, etc.
  • give away white helmets, so you can design it yourself
  • make every one to wear them, so everybody looks stupid
  • lights on the helmets
  • make them in brands like Louis Vitton, Dsuared; Dior, ..
  • make a headphone inside
  • neon light on the bike
  • make the wheels fluo
  • get clothes that keep you dry, that’s a good start
  • if it looks good, it feels good !



How could the attitude of youngster be changed concerning their mobility between home-school, home workplace ?


  • More bike parking spaces at school, work, etc
  • Make better bikes
  • Better and safer bike roads
  • Give people money if they use the bike
  • Parents tell them to change attitude
  • Make a motor on bikes
  • Free repair places in the city
  • Make bikes more comfortable
  • Higher wages for those who bike
  • In stead of busses, pick up people with the bike so they can bike in large groups, which is safer
  • Get 10% points at tests
  • The student who goes the most to school by bike gets a price
  • Higher bonuses when you cycle to work
  • Make contests with something worthwhile winning (travelling, …)
  • Workshops where you can learn how to repair your bike
  • More meeting places for cars where you can drive-off to work
  • Less parking spaces so you have no choice but to share one car
  • Happy hippie bus
  • No home work for cyclists = more time to cycle
  • Biking in group = safer, funnier, ecological
  • Healthier


Which app’s could be used by a local government to promote sustainable mobility ?


  • Gps for bikes
  • Shows bikes on your phone
  • Beacon for bike mal function
  • There are most likely several apps used for keeping fit/losing weight, etc. just use one of those apps to keep people mobile and healthy
  • Create an app where people put their information on and the app makes a route and who you have to pick up …
  • Make an app which shows how many calories you use during a bike ride
  • City wide score board + prices
  • Intranet biking like internet dating
  • An app that shows the safest bike route


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Euro-bike brengt bezoek aan Gent


Eurobike is een Europees project (Comenius) dat focust op ecologie, duurzaamheid en milieu. Het is een samenwerking tussen scholen uit Oostenrijk, België, Kroatië, Nederland, Polen, Zweden, Slovakije en Slovenië.


Het hoofddoel van deze samenwerking is het promoten van de fiets als duurzaam vervoermiddel voor dagelijks en recreatief gebruik. De verschillende scholen gaan bij elkaar op bezoek om te zien welke acties en middelen worden ingezet om aan fietspromotie te doen, om culturele uitwisseling te stimuleren en leerkrachten de kans te geven om verschillende onderwijssystemen binnen Europa met elkaar te vergelijken en van elkaar te leren.


Het Freinetatheneum De Wingerd organiseert de tweede projectmeeting van 12-16 februari en heeft een programma opgesteld dat zowel op inhoudelijk, sportief, recreatief en toeristisch vlak een meerwaarde biedt. Het programma ziet er als volgt uit :


13 februari Team building en fietstochtVoorstellingsronde van de groepen Blaarmeersen en BougoyenDe Wingerd
14 februari ’s morgens ontvangst op het stadhuis en workshop over duurzame mobiliteit’s middags bezoek aan Gent StadhuisGent Centrum
15 februari ’s morgens indoor fietsen’s middags bezoek aan fietshandelaars en fietsherstelplaats’s avonds evaluatievergadering Velodroom Eddy MerckxGent centrum


Graag nodigen we de pers uit op de ontvangst op het Stadhuis op dinsdag 14 februari 2012 van 9.30 tot 12 uur. De bijeenkomst vindt plaats in de Gemeenteraadszaal en het Oostenrijks salon.


Meer info :


Geert Baudoncq, directie

Freinetatheneum De Wingerd

Neermeerskaai 1A

9000  Gent

( 09 234 12 53


Mobiliteitsbedrijf Stad Gent,

Sint-Michielsplein 9 – 9000 Gent

tel. 09 266 28 00 – fax 09 266 28 99 – mobiliteit@gent.bewww.mobiliteitgent.be


Verantwoordelijke Schepen :

Martine De Regge, Schepen van Openbare Werken en Mobiliteit

Rudy Coddens, Schepen van Onderwijs



Promoting cycling an walking in Gent (PowerPoint Presentation)