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Sarajevo Trip
Cycling Project Eurobike

It will be the general aim of the project to build up networks between regional communities to encourage cycling tourism. This will be acquired by international participation and tailor-made advertising measures.

Sandkorn will coordinate an EU school project lasting for 2 years, the following schools taking part:

  • Venlo (Netherlands) will supply know-how concerning cycling (in the Netherlands the bike is the main means of transport)
  • Maribor (Slovenia) is situated at the end of the Drautal bicycle route and not far from the Murtal bicycle route
  • Ziar nad Hronom (Slovakia) is about to build up cycling paths of its own
  • Vänerborg (Sweden) has a generous net of bicycle paths in city areas

Students will be involved in the following activities:

  • making up of questionnaires finding out why bikers travel the area, what their destinations are, where they stay overnight
  • getting into contact with local, national and international cycling associations
  • projects on the ecologic effects of biking (calculation of reduction of CO2 emissions, measuring of pollution)
  • investigation on alternative bikes (monobike, Segway…)
  • organisation of events that encourage the use of bikes in cities (e.g. competition of car and bike: when you go shopping – which is faster?)
  • designing traffic concepts which support biking
  • making up of a folder advertising biking
  • making up an advertising concept for biking tourism Preparatory meeting in September.
Sandkorn Youth Conference in Niš/Serbia

The two main topics of the Sandkorn youth conference in Nis were youth culture and integration in the EU and South East Europe. The one week stay in Serbia made possible the collection and comparison of information provided by 60 participants from 10 different European nations; they discussed problems and made up solutions.

In this conference, however, integration problems did not show up. From the very first day students got along well with each other, arriving on the bus the young participants sang songs together and played the guitar. Initial shyness was soon overcome and many international friendships developed during this week.
The workshops also saw serious work, questionnaires were developed and handed out in Serbian schools, results were evaluated, solution for integration problems were developed; productive cooperation turned this week into a great success. Apart from the painting and music workshops the participants were offered excursions to the former concentration camp of Nis and to the famous skull tower. Days were not over after dinner; the young people roamed the city of Nis and enjoyed the participation in the pop festival INSOMNIA.

The Serbian hosts compensated for minor organisational problems by their cordial hospitality and they way they took care of their guests.
Unfortunately Serbian immigration regulations made impossible the participation of Sandkorn partners from Kosova and Albania; for that reason, a video conference was organised bringing together youths from Kosova and representatives from each participating country; so the young people had the chance to exchange ideas on integration with young people from Kosova as well. .

The aims of the conference could be successfully reached; the youth created a great folder containing relevant information on youth culture, youth integration, results are presented on Facebook and the website Concrete measures for integration measures in the home countries were developed and are going to be taken as well.

The fortress of Nis served as a location for the official presentation of the excellent results, was the place for offering delicious food cooked by different participating countries, and finally saw the premiere of the official Sandkorn song which was written and performed by participants.
The SANDKORN Youth Conference in Nis 2010 showed that a young generation can deal with anachronistic nationalism and artificial power politics, unimpressed by propaganda and prejudices.

Click here to see pictures and videos from the meeting in Nis

2009 »


Presenting of the EU funded local school projects

(22nd October 2009)
A SANDKORN group took part in an EU event which presented EU funded local school projects. Having received last year’s main award STERNENGREIFER), Sandkorn presented this year’s intended projects as well as former projects.
In an open discussion pupils and representatives of the EU and the province of Lower Austria discussed recent problems and chances of students in the area; an exhibition informed about the EU and the Lisbon treaty.

2008 »


Project Meeting in Maribor

(8th – 11th May 2008)
6 students from Zagreb, 6 students from Slovakia and 10 students from Austria met with a Slovenian class for a project meeting in Maribor.

All the participants were hosted in families and got to know Slovenian hospitality. At our partner school, the newly built catholic high school A.M. Slomska, the students worked on topics such as violence, racism, immigration in several small groups. On Saturday there was a trip to the famous dripstone caves of Postojna and to the capital Ljubljana.


Fair in Waremme

(11th – 17th March 2008)
Students from fourth form of Handelsakademie Ybbs (Melanie Berger, Daniela Bock, Angy Man-Eng und Carina Prankl) and teachers Hans Müller and Barbara Hofmann paid a visit to the partner school in Waremme/Belgium.

The main reason for the trip was the participation in the gourmet fair „Foire des gourmets“. Apart from Austria there were four more schools from Sweden, France, Ireland and Belgium; they all presented regional agricultural products. Austrian students offered cider, sausage from deer, pear bars and dried fruit.

In the course of this very practice-oriented project there was good cooperation between students, „Regionaler Entwicklungsverband NÖ-West (Öhling), and the companies Fleischanderl (Ybbs) and Rafetzeder (Purgstall), which sponsered the products.

Trip to Brussels

(22nd – 26th February 2008)
A group of 19 students from HAK and HTL Ybbs/Danube visited the Belgian capital accompanied by teachers Müller, Pölzl and Schroll. The main reason for this trip was an invitation to the European parliament by EU member of parliament Otmar Karas.

In small groups the students had the chance to roam the city on their own; among the highlights of the stay were the visit to a flea market, to a chocolate producer, to a brewery museum and to one of the landmarks of Brussels, the Atomium.

One afternoon was spent together with fellow students from our partner school in Waremme, who also visited the EU parliament.

In the evening the group enjoyed a movie and had a typical Belgian dinner in a restaurant.

2007 »


Project meeting: “Computers for Kosovo”

(March 2007)

Heroes and Anti Heroes

(27th April – 3rd May 2007)

Installation of computers for Kosovo

(2nd – 8th May 2007)

Project meeting: “Presentation of Regional Products”

(22nd – 28nd May 2007)

SANDKORN conference: “Youth Unemployment in Europe” (Kosovo)

(23rd – 30th August 2007)

2006 »


Fair in Wieselburg/Austria together with students from Slovenia and France

(1st – 7th March 2006)

Teachers’ meeting in Wicklow/Ireland

(5th – 8th April 2006)

Teachers’ exchange between France and Austria

(13th – 21st May 2006)

Visit to the partner schools in Hungary and Slovakia

(24th – 28th May 2006)

Visit of Slovakian partner school in Ybbs

(27th – 29th October 2006)

Teachers’ meeting in Czech Republic

(29th November – 3rd December 2006)

2005 »


Teachers’ exchange between Austria and Maribor

(April 2005)

3rd editorial stuff meeting in Slovenia

(26th April – 2nd May 2005)

3rdmess in hall/tirol

(19th May – 21st May 2005)

10th issue of UNITING FUTURE

(September 2005)

Project meeting: “religions”

(23rd – 27th October 2005)

2004 »


8th issue of UNITED FUTURE

(March 2004)

2nd editorial stuff meeting in France

(April 2004)

3rd editorial stuff meeting in Bosnia

(July 2004)

2003 »


5th issue of UNITED FUTURE

(February 2003)

1st meeting of editorial staffs

(8th – 15th April 2003)

6th issue of UNITED FUTURE

(April 2003)

Teachers’ exchange between austria and Sweden

(April/May 2003)

The GRAIN OF SAND Team wins the 2nd prize at the Lower Austrian competition “Vom Grenzland zum Kernland”

(6th May 2003)

Ybbs visited Turin

(November 2003)

7th issue of UNITED FUTURE

(December 2003)

2002 »


3rd issue of UNITED FUTURE

(January 2002)

Beginning of project RADIO UNITING FUTURE

(February 2002)

Project SANDKORN is elected project of the month of the Austrian sponsoring platform

(March 2002)

UNITING FUTURE wins a special price at the Lower Austrian students’ magazine competition

(May 2002)

Participation in the seminar “We Build Europe” in Germany

(2nd – 8th May 2002)

Visit of a student’s group from partner school from Kosovo in Austria

(June 2002)

Participation UNITING FUTURE in the 1st AER Youth Summer School in Croatia: “enviromental sustainability”

(9th – 12th September 2002)

Participation of a team of students in the jury in the Austrian embassy in Belgrade

(24th – 27th October 2002)

Participation of editorial staff in a discussion at ORF in Vienna

(25th October 2002)

4th issue of UNITING FUTURE

(November 2002)

COMENIUS teachers’ meeting in the Netherlands

(2nd – 6th November 2002)

2001 »


2nd issue of UNITED FUTURE

(June 2001)

Invitation to European Youth Conference in Vienna

(12th – 15th July 2001)

Bilateral Project for economic analysis for an Austrian company

(12th – 15th July 2001)

1st meeting editorial staff UNITING FUTURE

(8th – 10th September 2001)

Invitation to Kosovo conference

(12th December 2001)

2000 »


Invitation to discussion “Kosovo 2000″ at the ORF

(January 2000)

1st issue of the European Youth Magazine UNITING FUTURE

(May 2000)

Presentation of the project on Radio “Nachbar in Not” in Southeast Europe

(6thMay 2000)

Visit of students from Nis and Belgrade in Ybbs

(June 2000)

Invitation to Kosovo conference

(August 2000)

Foundation of SANDKORN as an association Founding of voluntary subject

(September 2000)

Building up school partnerships

(Autumn 2000)

Building up of school partnerships and memberships of Sandkorn in:Sweden, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia Kosovo

1999 »


Beginning of NATO attacks on Yugoslavia

(24th March 1999)

Founding of Project SANDKORN

(End of April 1999)

Patronage of European council

(28th May 1999)

Meeting of students from Nis ( BRJ ) and Ferizaj ( Kosovo ) in Vienna – Parliament

(21st – 23rd June 1999)

Invitation to the International peace conference in Vienna

(21st July 1999)

Building up school partnerships

(September 1999)

Building up of school partnerships and memberships of Sandkorn in:

Nis ( BRJ ), Passau ( BRD ), Trollhättan ( S ), Perchtoldsdorf ( A ), Ybbs ( A )
Visit of a Sandkorn delegation in Nis, Prishtina and Ferizaj
(October 1999)

Presentation of the project to 650 students in Schulzentrums Ybbs

(21st December 1999)